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Ten years ago i think it was possible to still keep up with every new release on most tech stacks, tools, languages. Today it's impossible.
The best you can do is focus on one stack and find a job using that stack, get good at it, but mostly get good at the languages for that stack. For most web devs nowadays that is JS/HTML/CSS. You can get good at those within 2 years or so, JS takes the longest and is the hardest, but practice makes you better in time.

As for keeping up with everything, find tools that help you, or build them as you get better. For example, i built webnuz.com in 2011 to help me track articles from some 60 sources, i still use it today to read headlines and keep up in general with what's new.
To actually learn something new i look up tutorials and try to build a full project with the new tech instead of just one page or small tool like most tutorials teach. Combine four or five tutorials and build a whole site. This also forces me to constantly keep reusing the skills i already have.

And read. read news about tech companies, about tech tools. Set aside maybe 30mins to an hour a day to just catch up. Don't try to catch up on 30 years of tech, just read new stuff because in 2 years that will also be old.

Our industry never stops changing, so we never stop learning. It's challenging and may feel overwhelming, but focus on now and in time you'll have a history of knowledge to back you up. You don't need to know everything today.

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