Hi Dev.to, I made a small desktop browser game

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Hi Devs,

My name is Raul, I am a developer out of Miami, FL. I have been a part of the community for a bit reading and learning from all your great posts. Finally got the courage to write my first post.

I recently just created a game using React for Desktop browsers. It is a dungeon crawler called Darker Dungeon.

The goal is to get to the treasure chest before time runs out. As you progress the map gets darker and darker until you can only see the tiles right next to you. There is always at least one path to the treasure chest.

You can try the game out here(doesn't work on mobile or tablet):

Source Code:

Video Demo:
Darker Dungeon video demo

Let me know what you think!

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Raul Martinez


Full Stack Developer. AWS Certified Developer Associate. Usually making things in JavaScript.


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I am glad you enjoyed it! I think that might be the record so far, may have to add a small backend to track scores lol


Loved the idea! Got to level 13, it was fun!


Pretty cool concept!
Didn't look at the source code yet, are the levels randomly generated?


Thank you Carlos. Yes the levels are all random, but the map size is always the same. The first thing that is generated is a random path from one side of the map to the other. Once the path is complete, the dark tiles will be generated randomly on any tile that is not on the path until the board is filed with 70% dark tiles.