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Security Data Visualization Course - Dr. Ferda Özdemir Sönmez, PMP, Ph.D.

Rashmi Nayak
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In light of the developments regarding COVID-19, I’d like to first say that our thoughts are with those affected by the virus all around the globe.
Since the coronavirus outbreak, online classes have become the cornerstone of modern higher education. While most universities, colleges, or other educational institutions have made the complete transition to online teaching, the existing online teaching platforms increased the number of courses provided in this period.
“Security Data Visualization” is a new course provided on the Udemy platform. As you know, cybersecurity and visualization are two of the key technologies that have ongoing importance.
The course topics can be summarized as:
-Security Visualization Basics
-Security Data Sources
-Security Use-Cases
-Various Display Types and Properties Which Are Useful for the Visualization of Security Data
-Most Useful Interaction Techniques
-Technologies in a Nutshell Form, Quick Starter Tutorial, and Exercises Format for Most Relevant Technologies
-Summary and Access to Related Academic Studies
-Security Data Formats Standards Information
This is a living course and the number of course lectures will continue to increase continuously due to requests and the emerging of new technologies. Recently the following topics are included in the course.
• Visualization with Python in a Nutshell and Installation Guide
• Prepare Data with Python- Introduction to Data Structures
• Prepare Data with Python- Data Operations
• Prepare Data with Python- Use External Data
• Quick Exercises to Start Visualizing Data with Python Matplotlib
• Quick Exercises - Python MatplotLib-IIS Server Traffic Monitoring

To help you get skills and knowledge that can help you better prepare for the following days, the price of the new Security Visualization course is reduced by$50, expires on 31/07/2020. Until then, this is a limitless, life-time access coupon that will not be affected by the Udemy price changes.

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Take advantage of this opportunity that can help you make valuable use of your time, and be better prepared. I wish you the very best, endless health to you and your loved ones, and ever-growing success as we all overcome this global challenge.
Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Ferda Özdemir Sönmez, PMP, Ph.D.

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