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Ramon Gebben

Hi there,

My name is Ramon and "chef turned developer".
A few years ago I got fed up with working in the kitchen and wanted to switch paths.
Thanks to all the amazing resources online and some very inspiring people in my environment I got to make the switch to developer.
I quit my job and started dedicating all the time I could find to learning front-end development.
Six months after that I found the first company ready to take a change on me and there I development myself into a so-called "CSS-developer".
Since only theming and fixing other peoples stylesheets was not what I wanted to do, I moved on.

A few years down the road, I'm working at a start-up/scale-up which places sensors in factories to provide insights into their energy consumption and tailor automated advice on bases of our findings.
For almost 3 years I've being doing this until I got the change to start building multi disciplinary teams at an amazing agency. I will be making the switch starting 1st of September.