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Discussion on: Illustrated JS: JavaScript asynchronous behaviour

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Ramesh Elaiyavalli

Great post, Marina! Your illustrations are AMAZING. 🙌

Understand the difference between async and defer. Keep your promises! 🤝

Please take it to the next level. Learn web workers and service workers. They sound similar, do very different things.

Read, post & illustrate with these fantastic sketches. Rinse and repeat.

Soon you will have enough material to publish a JS cartoon book. You get rich, maybe; famous, most definitely!! 😬

Best wishes.

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Marina Costa Author

Hi Ramesh, thanks so much for your support and feedback. This motivates me to keep learning and doing the illustrations.

I will definitely add the topics you suggested to my learning list.

I already have some other articles in mind, I hope to be able to publish them here soon.

Best, Marina