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The article you link to explain what blue collar means explicitly says some tech workers refer to themselves as "no collar workers".

I also think this is a bit of posturing and takes away from the manual labour that tradespeople do. Especially when you're comparing them to a group that would typically spend their work days sitting at a desk in front of a computer. If anything, it almost feels like you have a bit of a bias against white collar work honestly and want to remain associated with the "down to earth"-iness associated with blue collar workers.


I believe there is a genuine similarity between the mindsets of developers and, say, plumbers, but I will admit that I do have a bias against white collar office work. It's probably from being jealous of office workers, and selfishly thinking "This is unfair. Waaah!"

Then I actually got an office job coding, and now ironically miss it because of the camaraderie I unknowingly had.

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