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Anyone have a coding challenge for react beginners like me?

ralphvirtucio_ profile image Ralph Virtucio ・1 min read

Need beginner react coding challenge or project that can test my react skills :)

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Kevin Woblick

You could start with the Projects list of Karan:
It's a great list of small projects you can mostly code in less than a day, and they cover a broad range of topics from math to algorithms to complex interfaces. Not all are a fit for React, but most.

By the way, i've seen a great thread on Twitter with some tips for beginners. Must read:

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This website gives a free ebook with a bunch of projects which can be built with react. I haven’t built any of the projects yet, but the ebook is quite a resource.

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Yury Troynov

if you want a project wich lately could be demonstrated during a tech interview I would suggest doing some MVP and put it to your GitHub with a demo on some hosting like netlify.

  • currency converter app
  • newsreader app
  • flight search app

functionality shouldn't be complicated you can decide what to include in 1st iteration and move furhter after or not :)

p.s useful API list

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