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Discussion on: Would you hire a foreign developer without CS degree?

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🇨🇬Rajil VEMBE

wow i am impressed by the question and level of this publication.

I am a Web and Mobile Developer with 6 years of experience
Country: Congo / Brazzaville
Continent: Africa
And I think immigrated to the US or CANADA by 2019
My first approach is to find at least 15 million CFA francs; enroll in an American university for 2 years then find a job as a developer.

I'm still looking for other approaches ... What's on
I create a blog
I feed my github
I am on Behance
I'm on Twitter
Will apply for Google Dev Expert
to increase the chances of being visible in the eyes of the world and hoping that someone is needed by me.

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shuzo Author

Thank you RajiI
as you mentioned, I also think being visible and searchable is the key.

others that I can think of ...

write public posts
make a public talk in conf

Best of luck :peace: