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Discussion on: Starting at 27

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Rajika Imal • Edited

Hi, I'm sure you must've seen freeCodeCamp resources. Just in case here's the link

They have a variety of courses to get started in different areas. I suggest you to start with front-end development technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. My personal recommendation is not to directly jump into frameworks and libraries such as Angular, or React. If you have a solid foundation in JavaScript, you'll be able to grasp concepts in any framework very quickly.

When things start to look good, gradually move on to back-end technologies. As you'll be familiar with JavaScript, try learning Node.js to create REST APIs. Learn about basics of databases and start with relational DBs, slowly move towards NoSQL.

Here are some guides (don't worry you don't have to learn all these technologies, these are just guides to various paths)

Good luck!

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Thiago Magano Author

Thanks Man, Freecodecamp is very cool website, Just i found them recently and plan to do his Learning Path. And is another great guideline to follow.