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Discussion on: Share your portfolio if you want feedback! (CLOSED)

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Rajat M

Thank you for taking the time out to do this! Would love to hear the feedback.

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Madza Author

What I liked:

  • Awesome loading animation during the opening.
  • Sleek hamburger menu at the top left.
  • Good looking About me and Footer section.
  • Section titles look good and well highlighted with that bottom border.
  • Looks good on mobile.

Some ideas I would consider:

  • Try some background gradients that are easier for the eyes. If red is your favorite, that's fine too.
  • I would change the fonts used. Try something like Nunito, Montserrat, Quicksand, and Poppins.
  • Currently, you position your social media both in the header and footer + there is another Get in touch section. I would replace the icons in the top right with the menu consisting of the sections you have. And leave the hamburger menu just for the mobile devices.
  • Clicking on 'Get in touch' gives me a white flash before opening mailing options. I'm on latest Chrome.
  • For projects, you currently use GIFs just on hover. I would remove the zoom effect and display GIFs right away, instead of static images.
  • For projects and blog posts I would re-style the cards, giving them proper padding and background color. Or remove the borders at all and leave them open.
  • Increase the font size for the description of the cards.
  • Use more high-quality images for blog cards. Currently, they seem to be compressed or even streched.
  • Add some icons to your skills section, so they are not just plain text.
  • Back to top button should be sticked to the bottom left no matter the scroll position. Currently, you display it only when the user reaches the bottom.
  • Decrease the Get in touch section font size on mobile devices.
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Rajat M

Thank you so much for such a detailed feedback, will work on it immediately!

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Madza Author

No worries, hope you find it useful 👍😉

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