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Ng-News: Episode 22/38

Angular & Electron

Angular defines itself not as web framework but as a platform because it is not limited to the web only. To create mobile applications, we normally go with Ionic. For desktop applications, though, we can use Electron.

Aristeidis Bampakos gave a short introduction during the September Angular World Tour edition.

TypeScript Beta 4.9

Microsoft released the beta version of TypeScript 4.9.

It comes with a new satisfies operator. Until now, when you declared a union type to a variable and also assigned a specific value, the variable's property was always a union type. With the new satisfies operator that union type is gone.

We can also expect an improvement for the in operator which can check if a certain object contains a particular property and is used for type narrowing in order to improve type safety.

Chrome DevTools 106

Chrome DevTools version 106 comes with improvements for bundled JavaScript files like Angular produces it.

The main feature is a much better stack trace and call stack because DevTools lists only our application files and excludes those from Angular or other third-party libraries.

This only works if the underlying framework adds special metadata to its bundles. Good for us because Angular does that already.

Minor Releases

Last but not least, we have a minor version of Playwright, an E2E testing framework, to 1.26.

And Spectator went up to 11.2.

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