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Discussion on: 4 Steps to Blogging Outside the Perl Bubble

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Gaurav Rai • Edited

Thanks you for all the effort. Kudos!!

Regarding tags on, just to add on what you said, I would suggest to add maximum possible one which match the article with #perl.

  1. like #webdev , #html and #javascript - with anything web based
  2. #tutorial and #beginners for any step by step tutorial which a layman can understand.

I generally try to use the available tags instead of creating new one(unless I haven't found anything similar).
It's quite useful. The article where just #perl is there it will hardly seen by someone who is not following that tag(which is already less). It again means we are blogging in bubble.
That's another reason I try to add some web based thing in my article and those article has more visibility and reach maximum audience than plain perl article.

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Mark Gardner Author

Yah, tagging is a whole other subject and every site does its tagging differently. At least derives its tags from the original WordPress post when it's imported from my feed. I don't know how/if other blogging platforms expose their tags in their feeds.