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I've been building a note app in the menu bar that expanded to running scripts on text in the note, template expander, todo list manager, etc. It started as vanilla JavaScript, then to a Vue.js, then to Mint, and now is a Svelte project in NW.js. It's fully customizable with themes. It has a cli based program to show user dialogs from scripts. It now has the ability to launch modules as well. It fully integrates with Alfred, LaunchBar, Keyboard Maestro, and PopClip. It's incredibly fun to work with and very useful in my day to day work.

It also keeps me sane when some jobs get way too boring. That is the greatest advantage to having a side project!


This is so cool!!

I built a command-line tool to add projects to favorites and open them from command-line and I find it extremely useful in day-to-day life. (

Also, I have some project initiating scripts that initiate projects so I don't have to write basic boilerplate of some of my code.

Thanks for reading :)

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