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Discussion on: Self-Deprecation Needs to Stop 🛑

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Rafe Goldberg • Edited on

Well put. I found this train of thought especially resonant:

Self-deprecation is very damaging especially if you are part of an underrepresented and marginalized community.

I don't doubt this for a second. From the other side – i.e. as a loud, opinionated white male (oy, sorry!) – I use self-deprecation as a tool to try and limit my "privileged" place in conversations. That is, as a method for diminishing whatever I just said when I realize that I'm over-speaking, or drowning out somebody else's viewpoint by sheer volume, or so on. It's an attempt at self-correction, though I'd wager we'd all be better if people like me could just learn to listen from the get-go instead of having to walk it back post-fact!

Again, really interesting article!

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Maurice Hayward Author • Edited on

Wow, thanks for your perspective! I feel like lowering your voice at times so that others can be heard is a sign of humility. I feel like there has to be a way to do this without self-deprecation. Keep it Up Rafe!