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Reasons Why Small Companies Should Adopt Flutter For Mobile

rafatmeraz profile image Rafat Jamader Meraz ・2 min read

Flutter is on the hype now. Almost most of the developers are learning Flutter as their second framework for mobile development. As we already know that we can use flutter for the development of cross-platform native apps that performs almost like a native.

Giants company like Alibaba has already shifted their app into Flutter. And I think small companies should also start developing their own apps in Flutter.

Let's see the advantages -

  • Cross-platform native app: We can develop app not only for Android but also for IOS. A more interesting feature is we will get the native performance from this framework. We don't have to update features for android and ios separately. Even we can write platform-specific code. For rapid development, Flutter is one of the best frameworks.
  • UI Kit: Actually Flutter is a UI kit for software development. So that it provides a huge number of UI widgets for impressive user interface design.
  • Packages: is the official package manager site for Flutter. We can easily get any package from here and also upload our own package to the community.
  • Resources: Documentation of Flutter is well organized. Google provides great documentation for Flutter learners. There are also many YouTubers who are contributing for good content and these content are quite helpful for all level developer.
  • Easy to learn: Anyone can learn Flutter who has previous experience of mobile development with native Android or IOS. Flutter uses Dart and it's a really interesting language as well as easy to learn.
  • Community: Though Flutter released last 2017, the Flutter community is quite big already.
  • Small team: Small companies have a few amounts of developers. But they need to deliver product quite fast and Flutter is the best choice for this.

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