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Access your GitHub repo in VS Code

rafacdomin profile image Rafael Domingues ・1 min read

Who has never been lost while browsing a repository on GitHub? I recently found a tool that caught my attention and has helped me daily to not get lost in my old codes.


The project basically presents an easy way to access and view your Github repository as if it were inside the Visual Studio Code editor. To do this, simply add '1s' after 'github' in the repository url and press enter, as in the example:

GitHub1s - Usage


GitHub1s - Demo

Cloud development

In addition to being able to view your entire project, you can also edit files, execute docker containers and create pull requests through integration with GitPod, to do this just click in "Develop your project on Gitpod" button in the status bar.

Gitpod Status Bar

It's also possible to use the tool for local development, to do this just take a look at the documentation clicking here.


To make it even easier it is possible to add extensions created by the community to access the tool more quickly:


Check the list of extensions here! And choose the one you like best.

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