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Discussion on: What habits help you to stay productive, motivated and happy?

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Radu-Alexandru B

It really depends. If I'm feeling unproductive, but I've worked a lot in the last 5-6 days, then it's completely fine to take a day off, without any screen time.

Otherwise, if I don't feel like working, I usually break my huge tasks into smaller todos (here you can be as lazy as you can, just open a Google Keep on your phone and start writing.. as you write you begin to think of more creative ways of breaking the tasks). After that, I force myself to do some physical movement (it can be anything, as small as 10 jumping jacks to a complete mini 10 minute workout). Then, if your desk is clumsy, just make some order. Finally, the last step, take a shower, sit at your desk, and just start working/learning.

So far this method worked wonderfully, even when I was burnt out. The main idea is to just to something, doesn't matter how small it is... it's better than laying in bed all day and do nothing.

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Saloni Goyal Author

This does sound very effective. 🤓
Breaking down tasks into smaller, manageable chunks would help break the inertia and build momentum. Thanks for this.