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Discussion on: What's the dev skill you mastered in a day?

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Radu-Alexandru B • Edited


Erhm, ok.. for real though, coming from C++, I was really amazed by what I can achieve with Python (in such a few lines of code!!!). Long story short, I was solving programming challenges for an Exam for a Uni course, then some colleagues where I've had my first internship suggested me Python to solve such challenges (HackerRank style). I've grabbed this tutorial series from Socratica, I've fully understood the syntax and then the next day I've tried solving the challenges... And I discovered that every idea that I had, it could be produced elegantly in Python code, and it just worked!

My 2 cents about this: If you've mastered any other programming language, I think it's easier (and really fast) to learn (at least at syntax level) another programming language, especially while solving programming challenges or while making a project in that new language (especially Python).