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Discussion on: Why GraphQL?

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Noel Miller

Sure. Most tech interviewers have heard of GraphQL, that's universal. I have only talked to a handful that have a full blown implementation of Apollo Server/Client where they are using it in production. There are more that have a hybrid. E.G. old-school REST endpoints and limited Apollo Server while migrating to Client or perhaps only a few micro-services that use it.
The most likely by far is to speak with someone who says they want to use it and either they haven't tried it or someone tried to code it and either it was too much of a challenge or took too much time, etc. Granted, I haven't talked to "every" company in the Bay Area ... so, please take this with a grain of salt.
At my last company (thousands of developers) we had some people talking about it and testing something, but there was nothing in production. It was mostly a Java shop and their Server is not as Shiny as the JS implementation (or so I'm told)