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Why is Software Development Outsourcing Must During COVID-19?

Covid-19 has arrived in our lives and has threatened enterprises, people, and society as a whole. It has appeared as a humanitarian challenge on a gigantic scale. Companies have faced a challenge to manage and protect the supply, finance, customers, and their employees.

The impact of this global pandemic could be more intense globally for technical services like outsource software development - especially when the outspread of covid-19 massively blanketed the first world nations like America, the biggest outsourcing country of the IT industry.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is always that extra. Hence, extra measures are required for such extraordinary scenarios. In other words, the wheel of reinvention needs to be spun to neglect the intense consequences of the global pandemic.

Challenges Faced by Companies Due to the Global Pandemic

One of the biggest issues faced by the companies is the loss of productivity - both individuals' and teams'. All the employers had to set their objectives and replan the strategies as the previous goals became no longer obtainable. Companies had to rapidly work on their work from home management systems, data security, and a lot more with the emergence of the need for outsourced services and in-house remote employees to safeguard their productivity. It was one of the most effective and economy-friendly alternatives that helped the enterprises to reach the expected service deliveries without affecting the quality of the product.

Why Outsourcing Software Development is the Only Solution?

Based on research by a tech firm, NTT, 45% of companies (1250 executives in 29 countries) will outsource Software development amidst Covid19 more than they will insource. Since the geographic downfall, outsourcing is being known as the most effective crisis management strategy. It can help firms ensure the best qualities and build durable and resilient products avoiding risks like a pandemic or natural disasters.
The concept of outsourcing software development services has traditionally benefited the companies. It is both value-driven and cost-effective, which can help even after the coming world after Covid.

If an enterprise invests $70 for an in-house software developer, a developer with the same skill set can be recruited for $50 if outsourced. A situation like covid-19 has forced all the enterprises to adopt the outsourcing strategy to hold onto their budget and leave no room for unnecessary spending. The need for flexibility in companies had to focus more on their projects by outsourcing business development.

It can be foreseen that the drastic change in the world of technology will change the term 'hired developers' to 'strategic partners.' The outsourced developers help enterprises to grow and escalate their brand reputation, hence the name.

These days the quality of the product overpowers the productivity of the company. It acts as the primary driving force while investing in an outsourced developer. With the help of outsourced developers, the outmaneuvered employees who are working remotely can deliver software support services like timely updates, bug fixation, etc., with ease. This helps in prevention in the revenue declination.

It is often misunderstood that outsourcing is preferred for large companies. It is an unnecessary assumption for start-up companies or small-scale companies during the time of covid when they should focus on quality as well as cost-cutting. It is, in fact, the right time for them to consider Software Development Outsourcing Services.

The World After Covid and The Situation of Outsourcing Services

As companies are massively adopting a collaborative approach towards the outsourced technical solution, with the outbreak of covid-19, it is a huge opportunity for them to conduct offshore technical experiments to develop new concepts of developing software with the help of automation and unlimited geographical reach.

Demand and supply of outsourcing services in the future will snowball with the escalation of digital platforms like e-payment services like Google pay, or Paytm, e-commerce platforms like Amazon, or Flipkart, entertainment platforms like Netflix or Hotstar, and so on. The pandemic has really mushroomed the drive towards a remote workforce in the Healthcare industry as well. It has shown us what technology is capable of - such as detection of any diseases, telehealthcare services, experiment on drugs and disease information and the list goes on. It can be perceived, in the coming future internet of things (IoT) can become the forefront of technology for any company to attain insights about upcoming risks, consumer demand, market shift, and a lot more.

Wrapping up

Covid has indeed damaged the economic sphere of the entire world, and recovering from that situation looks like a long way to go. But with the steady flow of new inventions and strategies, like outsourcing, companies can ascertain a balanced inclination towards recovery. In summation, after recovering from such a harsh pandemic, the economy of the world will slowly rebound from the crisis level by driving the software requirements fulfilled by outsourced developers.

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53.6% os startups and businesses depends on outsourcing software development. Startups love outsourcing as it is a great cost cutting strategy and it helps them concentrate on other side of the business.

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