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Comprehensive Overview of the Perfect ASP.NET Developer Hiring Process

While facilitating digital migration for your business, you can’t solely rely on your current software systems and desktop applications. For unrestricted business empowerment, you must invest in robust websites, web applications, and web services as well as mobile apps that are available beyond the location and time constraints and are more secure and better-performing.

According to Statista, business apps constitute the second most popular category of mobile apps, with a share of nearly 10%.

And, we are switching to an age of advanced technologies like Internet of Things and Machine Learning- to make processes highly competent and competitive. In order to keep pace with the changing times, you need to invest in the powerful web and mobile development frameworks like ASP.NET, and for that, you need to select the right kind of .NET development company carefully.

To help you with the selection, let’s divide the process into four important stages and understand it easily:
Stage 1: What Type of ASP.NET Developers You Should Hire

This stage solves crucial queries- like whether you should hire an in-house development team or outsource the project to an expert provider of .NET development services.

The answer is simple. If your business belongs to a non-IT domain, your need for .NET developers would be restricted only for any specific project. You might be having an in-house IT team offering support and maintenance. However, hiring specialized .NET developers would add dramatically to your monthly IT budget.

For example, you would be saved from the complex process to hire .NET developer. The hiring process becomes even more burdensome if you fail to hire the right kind of people in the first attempt. Moreover, you won’t need to invest in special software packages and infrastructure to support the in-house team. Last but not least, your custom software development partner company will take care of scaling the development team’s size according to your needs. These companies maintain a pool of experienced developers who can be hired to work on an ongoing project at any point in time.

Stage 2: What Type of Product You Need to Develop?

The next stage in the process of hiring a .NET development company is to decide what type of ASP.NET project you need to develop. According to W3Techs, nearly 11% of the active websites, some of which include and, use ASP.NET as their server-side programming language.

Based on your exact requirements, make a better selection of .NET development services experts to develop the expected ASP.NET project for your business. Knowing your own requirements would also help you convey them better to the development team so that the right product is developed within the set deadlines and budgets.

Stage 3: Understanding the Benefits of ASP.NET

An important part of the selection process, which is often ignored by most of the business owners, is to become familiar with the benefits that ASP.NET offers.

Listed are some of its core benefits:

  • Requires Less Coding: What makes ASP.NET a favorite among developers is that it reduces the amount of coding dramatically, even for large applications. It also means that you may get your product delivered fast if you hire a smart and experienced team.
  • Language Independence: ASP.NET framework allows developers to choose any language that they find suitable for your application. This is because technology is not language-dependent, which means that the developers can use multiple languages like C#, Jscript, and more for better products.
  • Improved Speed: Websites, apps, and services built-in ASP.NET perform faster as it supports server-side execution and a number of features like caching, etc.
  • Great Tool Support: ASP.NET development is supported by amazing tools that enrich the websites and applications with unbeatable performance. Early binding, JIT compilation, automatic deployment, drag-drop server controls, and many other similar features help .NET development companies to develop robust products.
  • Better Security: Through built-in Windows authentication and features like crash-shielding, ASP.NET is one of the most recommended platforms for developing secure applications.

Some of the common issues, like error recovery and memory leaks, are easily handled by these apps.

Stage 4: Comparing Different Developers and Choosing the Best

Once you have made through the previous stages, the final stage of selection begins as you start looking for the experts. Now, there are many ways in which you can find a .NET development company:

  • Through Recommendations: Business owners often rate and review various companies offering .NET development services, and you can refer to them to shortlist the names.
  • Third Party Review Platforms and Search Engines: Of course, you can conduct a search using Google and other popular search engines and shortlist some of the developers from the search results. There are verified review platforms like Clutch that help business owners to make the right move.

From the shortlisted names, you can make the final choice by evaluating them on some important criterions like:

  • Reputation: Spend time to research about a .NET development company and evaluate its credentials.
  • Experience: Find out for how many years the company has been operating and its experience in the custom software development field.
  • Proficiency: An important parameter is how proficient the company is in the .NET framework development. For this, its development team should be up-to-date in not only in application development but specifically in offering .NET development services.
  • Portfolio: The portfolio of the company would help you have a great idea about what type of businesses they have worked for and type of .NET applications they have previously developed.
  • Customization: Does the team offer customized or tailor-made products to its clients? As every business has its own requirements, you may also be looking for a team that adapts to your specific needs while developing the application.
  • Privacy Policies: As you are planning to discuss the needs of your business, you may have to provide critical details about your company to the .NET development company. It is, therefore, important that you have a look at the company’s NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in order to secure intellectual property protection. Support: Apart from offering round-the-clock availability and strong communication modes, the company you choose must be willing to provide you with long-term support. You must select a team that offers transparency and involves you in the right manner by providing progress updates.

According to Datanyze, ASP.NET-based applications currently hold an impressive market share of 26%. With the right selection of a .NET development company, you can be another beneficiary of the technology.

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