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Discussion on: BASHing through the terminal

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Radio Azureus

I work in bash since the dawn of #Linux

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Jose Ross Barredo Author

Wow! How often do you use bash and for what tasks?

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Radio Azureus

Reference link <>

I use bash over the whole gamut, from simple tasks as managing files & directories in ~ to (simple) programming & scripting where it is just vital to have a shell you are comfortable in.

There are many flavors of shells, so you will also meet people who love #csh #ksh #zsh (had this on my Amiga) #ash #sh (the original Bourne shell)

Whatever OS I'm in, I install git, since it also has git bash in case you are on an OS which has no bash installed.

This is an example of how I use git to manage markdown files all via bash

I can easily move to another workstation and OS. Then I can pickup where I left off transparently as if nothing happened.

I could also sync my ~/.bash_history via my network, if needed instead of ssh-ing to the machine to peek into the file to lookup a complex ssh tunnel pipe I've forgotten the exact syntax to.

Since I also spawn all executable from the shell ever since the #c64 & #amiga computer era (Amiga CLI), I have a shell open whenever my workstation runs. In case of this #DAW it's 24/7

On servers and workstations I basically live in $bash

()#DAW -> digital audio workstation

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Sandeep Kumar

Like when working on nose project. Or when on working on python security modules like sqlmapper