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One piece of advice that really helped me land my first (and second) coding jobs fresh out of college - hone your soft skills. I made mistakes on the whiteboarding interviews, but I was told both times that it was how I handled these mistakes and communicated with the hiring person that made them choose me for the position anyways.

You can teach pretty much anyone to code, but it's super difficult to teach someone good communication and quality "team" traits.

A few suggestions that look good to interviewers: Don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't fully understand the task or question. Don't be afraid to jot down a few notes if they give you specifics that you'll have to remember partway into your whiteboard problem (just don't write too much, a few words at most). Speak your mind as much as possible - don't babble, but also don't hold back your process as you work through the problem. The process and how you think is almost always more important than whether you came up with the perfect algorithm or the right solution.

Good luck to you!

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