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Discussion on: Updating a Record Using C# .NET and the Salesforce REST API

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Rachel Soderberg Author • Edited

You are absolutely right! I never ran into issues with exhausting the sockets because of how small my testing domain has been so far, but I can see how this would have bit me down the road in our production environment. So you not only saved me a headache later down the road, but I've updated my examples as well. Thank you friend!

In case anyone else is curious, here's what I learned!

HttpClient is intended to be instantiated once and re-used throughout the life of an application. Instantiating an HttpClient class for every request will exhaust the number of sockets available under heavy loads. This will result in SocketException errors.

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Cheers. Another thing I noticed. .Result can in some cases cause deadlocks, iirc. I would change method signature to asynchronous Task and await everything within methods body. Along with wrapping HttpRequestMessage in a using statement or simply using var request Update = ....

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