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re: Hey Rachel! I actually haven't started yet. I officially start May 14!! We have been given this nice list of Modules to work on before class for no...

Good luck with the start of your bootcamp, Jamie! It's coming up QUICK! FreeCodeCamp is the only free learning site that I've followed all the way through on JS, and definitely recommend that site for JS, HTML, and CSS. 😊

I've been debating about using a passion planner (honestly, I love colors and stickers and those are both in them typically!), and maybe that's one way to help me prioritize what I need to do daily. (And get me to code more often!)

That is super nice that you don't need a job right away. I think that's why I'm terrified of making the leap, since student loans follow me everywhere... It sounds like coding is more of your passion, and that's great that you are able to continue to learn!

I definitely recommend Passion Planner. If nothing else, I'm a fan of trying things to see if they work for you. Worse case it doesn't, and you try something else! I will warn you. It's easy to spend too much time on planners, thou, haha.

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