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Hiring a React Native Developer- What You Need to Look For?

rachaelgrey3 profile image Rachael Grey ・3 min read

It won’t be an exaggeration if one says that React Native is the future for mobile app development because in just a short span of 5 years since its launch, it has achieved immense success! and more than 1.6k developers are using it for mobile app development.

When you want to Hire react native developer, you will need a developer who is excellent at communicating and understanding all your requirements and who can meet your goals and expectations.

React Native is said to be the most reliable technology for businesses because, in React Native, robust and mobile-friendly apps are faster and budget-friendly. So for making such kind of robust technology, you will need to hire react native developers, and for that, it is necessary to look for certain things before hiring them.

Essential skills that React Native developer must have:

Skills are very much necessary for React Native developers. It would be best to look for developers who have some experience and work according to the clients' needs and requirements. There are two types of skills that you should look for when you hire a react native developer:

Experience with IOS & Android: React Native developers need to have experience working with IOS & Android as they are required to build cross-platform apps. So they need to make sure that their app looks native and also confirms all the major guidelines.

Knowledge of JavaScript: While you are looking to hire a react native developer, you must look for a proficient developer in Javascript core programming language and know about its structure, flow, etc.

Familiar with the tech tools: The tools like Redux, Hockeyapp, and Enzyme are the popular tools in the React Native developer community.

Proficiency in React assumptions: Being a React Native developer, you must have the proper knowledge and be well versed in basic React assumptions like Virtual DOM, JSX, and component lifecycle.

Other skills: When you Hire React Native developer, you should also look for soft skills like whether he/she is a good team player or not, has effective communication skills or not Etc rather than just looking for technical skills.

Look for a candidate at the right place:

You can hire React Native developers either through the freelance platform or decide to outsource developers and then go for software development houses.

There are many pros of hiring a freelance developer from the most popular sites like toptal, Upwork, YouTeam, etc. let's look at the pros of hiring a freelance developer:

  • Unique talents

  • Convenient rates

  • Availability of previous clients feedback

  • A great alternative when you want to make a minor change to your
    already existing app.

Now outsourcing a developer from the software development houses has become very much effective. You have to contact a reliable software outsourcing company and tell them about your requirements for the project, and the rest will be taken care of by them.

Below mentioned are some of the pros of outsourcing a software developer:

  • Affordable cost

  • Everything is taken care of by the vendor

  • Guaranteed expertise, quality, and reliability

  • You can add more team members

Questions to be asked while hiring a react native developer?

When you want to find and hire React Native developers, they should be the best and have the proper qualities that a developer must possess. So it would be best if you asked the following questions when you want to hire React Native developer

Q1. How do you start to React Native app development?
Q2. What steps should you follow to convert the native IOS app to Android?
Q3. How do you create an event in React?
Q4. How to optimize the performance of react application?


Hope this article helps you take right decision to Hire react native developer for your dream project. If you think I am missing out on any topic that should be mentioned here, please do comment to help community gather knowledge about the same.

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