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Sometimes i ask myself if some articles here are really worth the work. No offense but i think what you mention above should more or less be common sense if you know the basics of nullable types in C#.


I'm not offended. I agree with you it is the basic. But I'm learning and using this blog to teach me and make clear some basic things across a solution. Like me, should exist someone needing to do stuff even without knowing the basics. Sometimes you are pressed to skip the basic and easily can found lost.


Learning by teaching, presenting, and getting feedback has been proven effective for a long time now, and that in and of itself is worth the work. Everyone has different learning styles, and writing (to share with others or not) is one way.


Let's see what Barbara Oakley say about learning in 10 Top Ideas to Help Your Learning. Here I think I'm predominantly doing well 2 steps:

  • 2) Create brain‐links with practice;
  • 6) Test yourself. Have others test you. Teach others.

Now, you can help me to achieve a better value in my posting. What do you want to see here?

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