re: Ruby on Rails GraphQL API Tutorial: From 'rails new' to First Query VIEW POST

re: Hi Jose-Xu! At which step are you seeing this error? I'd guess it's probably from trying to access localhost:3000/graphql in your browser? If so, I...

Hi Isa, I actually found my issues, as I typed something wrong in my query_type.rb file. Thanks for made it clear that I should not have expect localhost:3000/graphql to work in the browser!

Glad to hear it Jose-Xu, and well done!

I was recreating the API step-by-step, and thought the issue might be that the GraphQL gem's rails generate graphql:install wasn't auto-creating all the files it needed to--and that would've been a WAY BIGGER PROBLEM! Very happy it was something less drastic than that. :)

thank you so much for help again!!!!

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