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re: Clojure - Level 2 🌟🌟 (ns dailyChallenge.IncrementalChange249 (^:level2)) ;; recursive function w/ tail-end optimization (defn algo [number, st...

Compared to your "level 1", this is more like the question asked, since it asks for an algorithm rather than the answer. (I totally agree that it should be (+ number (* step iterations))).

In Clojure it's usually better to preference core functions, followed by reduce, followed by loop/recur.

The clojure.core function approach is just:

(defn algo
 [number step iterations]
 (->> number
      (iterate (partial + step))
      (drop iterations)

But that's really using iterate to do the algorithm part. So reduce might be more in the spirit of things. It's shorter too 🙂

(defn algo
 [number step iterations]
 (->> (repeat step)
      (take iterations)
      (reduce + number)))

Awesome breakdown! Thanks Paula. 🙏🏿

I feel like you're right on the hierarchy of abstraction to use for Clojure functions (there's just so many, and many of them are composed)._

I could've just used pure-recursion without loop/recur but I don't get the power of the AST's tail-end optimizer for loops. Thank you for reminding me of the thread-macro.

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