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I am generally a CLI person but that's mainly out of habit and familiarity more than anything

I find it interesting how people go on and on and about how more "efficient" one can be with git for example on the command line compared to a GUI

Software development isn't a race.

What's the difference between someone who can commit some new code and push it in the CLI in ~2 seconds vs a GUI user in ~10 seconds. Nothing, who cares?

There's much bigger fish to fry.


There also the difference between 'feeling efficient' and 'being efficient'. With the command line, you can fire of lots of commands in quick succession. For a decent GUI, the same required click-click-click, done. Though, as you say, efficiency in infrequent tasks is mostly irrelevant.


Definitely, also git has a terrible UI on the command line that we all use aliases anyway so... +1 for GUIs ✌🏾

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