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re: Very opinionated, biased and low quality of post. You didn't answer well "Why let them call you" is bad ? It's one of the most powerful idea in s...

This is total crap and non-sense. I hope dev team should remove this post.

I suggest you try this report and see how far it gets you. Just because you dont agree with a post does not mean it is "total crap" and should be removed.

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It's total crap to me, does it make any sense ?

Try and use your imagination.

Imagine a developer who has lived in the world of frameworks, and lived in the world of building systems from libraries.

Now imagine they weigh up the pros and cons of both and have decided that they prefer not to use frameworks.

Those are NOT devs in the first place!

A developer SHOULD understand the implication at the "vanilla", library and framework level in the first place.

If you took most JAVA, C, C#, PHP,...developers today and told them to code in machine language, they would be like sheep watching tv.

There is a reason we have higher programming languages. Likewise, there are reasons we have libraries. See where am going with this?

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