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re: When building smaller APIs, I sometimes find that my end-to-end tests and unit tests for my controllers tend to overlap a lot. Since I usually don'...

It's quite likely your controllers are doing too much stuff.

Your controllers really only aught to be

  1. Parse & validate request
  2. Call some kind of service to do something useful
  3. Return a HTTP response according to 2.

If they do more, you probably should be refactoring logic out of your controller. Note how if you have a broad "service" later injected into your controller, you only need to mock the one thing

Another possibility is your end to end tests are too exhaustive. Google for Martin Fowler's test pyramid, the number of e2es should be small. Test the key business cases and then unit test everything else. This should give you enough confidence your system works and keeps your test suite from taking a long time to execute.

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