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To provide more details!

Is he a new developer? Seasoned? What motivated him to pick between those two? What does he want to accomplish?


Yes he is planning on building an app that will high performance, security and a one that will scale as it grows. He is actually considering a dating app . He is from a perl background


Is he planning on making this as a desktop app? Because unless the answer is yes, neither of those languages are possible options.


If he is considering building something "proper" he should probably try both languages to see what he likes.

9/10 Go will be a lot more performant than python. But quite often it's not the programming language which really limits your performance.


Yeah, more details will help. Without knowing more, here are some thoughts:

  • Python might be more “practical”, all else equal.
  • Go probably looks better on a resumé, all else equal.
  • Python has the big academic/data community, and has a ton of supporting libraries for this kind of work.
  • Go has features built more specifically for scaling and was developed with some “modern” problems in mind. But nothing’s a silver bullet.

Those are some thoughts from what I know of each language/community. I may have oversimplified some of the points but I think that’s a decent gist.


I'm a huge fan/primary user of Go but I also love Python since that was my first proper language; I totally agree with these comparisons. One thing I would add that I've found immensely helpful is the incredible documentation and explanatory pieces available through the official Go organization. It's a very knowledgeable community that explains things clearly (not that other groups aren't, it's just what I've found to be the case with Go).

It's a very knowledgeable community that explains things clearly

This! The Go community really seems to be inspired to crack hard problems and hand-hold noobs like me at the same time. :)

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