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quarterback profile image Ron Bronson ・1 min read

Finally got out of a rut of not writing, but then I had to figure where I wanted to write. For a while, posts just got buried in a Notion instance. Blogging didn't feel productive, because I felt weird reverting to throwing content into the ether. Lately, I've been reading a lot and tying things back to old projects I've worked on and talks I've given.

Those connections are making me want to start a blog just to jot down the ideas stemming from the reading and perhaps ideate on newer ideas. Have spent most of tonight messing around with a blog stack just for this.

Was going to run Ghost on Digital Ocean, but got annoyed with the setup.
Went back to Netlify, which was super easy to deploy a Hugo instance on.
I think I'm going to use Forestry with Hugo because while I don't need a GUI to write, I find it easier than trying to write in a text edit.

Haven't 100% decided yet, but it looks like that's the plan. Not a bad use of a few hours, tbh.


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andrewrothman profile image
Andrew Rothman

I haven't tried Ghost, but I was thinking of giving it a shot. Would you mind sharing some more details on your experience with the setup process?