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Inline styles can be any value or property, leading to inconsistencies in padding/colors/etc

Yes, but what happens when your library has text-16, text-17, text-19...?

Inline styles complicate specificity


, and are not responsive

That is so true!

your atomic classes would on subsequent pages

But their use isn't cached, it's in the dynamic markup.
Sidenote: Yes, I know the pre-parsed css has better performance. Yes, I know there is a performance advantage when your markup is generated on the client vs actually doing inline styles for all the nodes in JS

<div class="container text-black text-16 font-600">

Couldn't you just put the inline text color up on the div as well?🤔

duplicate properties like display: block or display: flex

You mean duplicate them where they were already applied? Because that's a sign of having no idea what they're doing.

Whereas if by duplicate you mean it is a property of a thousand classes, that is to be expected, they might have a thousand different flex container components.