Dapps in India

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The dapp space is growing fast in India and amongst the newer breed of developers, everyone wants to have a foot in this space as they feel this is the one for the future. Many ecosystems have been coming up in india. It can be ethereum, eos or blockstack which we are going to cover today. Developers have been contributing significantly to the growth of these ecosystems in various forms. Dapp developers are one such category who are contributing to this growing space.

Some of the developers that are working in the Blockstack ecosystem are developing cool apps like Visual Bookmarks app which helps your bookmark

pages you find useful, interesting or inspiring, in a beautiful, visual and fully searchable personal library. Inner Peace app is a gratitude journal built on blockstack. Pden app is a decentralized social media.My Feelings app is a decentralized mood tracker. All these apps are trying to find user traction before growing further and emerge as business models. They are in early stages of their development.

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