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Cloudflare Radar - Why you should sign up?

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Last week, Cloudflare introduced its new offering called Cloudflare Radar. I believe that Cloudflare is new Google. I use free products of Cloudflare for my blog, and its performance is impressive. This blog post will feature about Cloudflare Radar, what it is, why you should sign up, and more.

What is Cloudflare Radar?

Cloudflare Radar is a new offering from Cloudflare which features current internet trends, news, statistics and more.

It is an internal app of Cloudflare, but it is not available for public. Cloudflare Radar has three main sections: Radar Internet Insights, Radar Domain Insights, and Radar IP Insights.

Cloudflare Radar - Why you should sign up?

Whether you are performance engineer or not, if you are interested in staying top of internet, domain, attacks etc, then Cloudflare Radar is the place for you.

Cloudflare Radar - Why you should sign up?

Each second, Cloudflare handles average of 18 million HTTP requests and 6 million DNS requests. It blocks 72 billion cyber threats every day. Cloudflare understands the internet. Source:

Cloudflare Radar

Radar Internet Insights

At the top section, you will see the Internet Insights. It displays the latest news, new technologies, development updates etc. This will be useful for us to keep up to date in the current internet trend.

Internet Insights - Current News and other developments

Just beneath the news section, you will see Change in Internet Traffic Worldwide. You can search for specific country and understand the internet pattern, trending domains, most popular domains, attacks originating, trends, top browsers, HTTP version etc as shown below.

Cloudflare Radar Internet Insights
Cloudflare Radar Internet Insights

In the Attacks Originating section, Cloudflare will show the Denial of Service Attacks with the breakdown of Layer 3 and 4 and change in the attacks over time.

It also shows Layer 7 attacks by breaking down the requests blocked by the Layer 7 Web Application Firewall and change in the number of blocked requests over time.

Under Trends, it will show the split of HTTP and HTTPS, Mobile vs Desktop, IPv4 vs IPv6, Bot Traffic vs Human Traffic, HTTP/1.x vs HTTP/2 vs HTTP v/3, TLS1.2 vs TLS 1.3, and top browser versions.

Domain Insights

Domain Insights section reveals more information about the domain you search for. It displays the overview, popularity, visitor location, WHOIS info, and Certificates.

Deeper Insights requires paid plan with Cloudflare.

Domain Insights
Domain Insights

IP Insights

Just visit to know about your IP insights. It displays the IP version, location, and other details.

IP Insights
IP Insights

Cloudflare Speed Test Tool

How to sign up?

Head to to sign up for the newsletter. Cloudflare has not started sending the info yet as of Oct 7, 2020. Soon it will start sending I hope. Cloudflare will keep adding more data points, 30 days window etc. Please stay tuned.

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