Hitchhiker's guide to database types

pythonmeister on March 21, 2019

I said it before: I love databases. For me, they fall into the same category of beautiful and complex systems as operating system kernels - becau... [Read Full]
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Great article... especially the part of time-series DB.

I would like to point to every single developer reading this that the fallacy of abstracting the problem and being able to switch to any DB provider in future is horrible!

Once you go relational, the whole app logic is relational. The same goes for non-relational; so as you said, it's super duper important to pick the right tool before starting.


Yes, learnt the hard way.
In my team we spend about 30-40% of our time talking, reasoning and discussing options and their pros and cons.
The code comes then almost for free.


Really great piece of content.. this remind me why I love backend development... Once I was working on a db projet with a friend just as a hobby and we have saw a lot problema but not all those you have described in your article, we was trying to store data in a kind of JSON form, we had even designed a language to communicate with the server. Anyway it was working fine... The experience was cool.



Thanks for sharing!
Databases are never easy - one of the reasons I react sometimes a bit harsh when people say "Oh, we're using MySQL because it's easy.".

That could mean several things:

  • complex problem not yet encountered
  • problem not understood
  • usage pattern fits database engine by coincidence
  • it seems easy because they know the toolchain very well

I think thinking hard before installing something pays out well in the long term ;-)


Great post, thank you for making database types so easy to understand and providing extra resources.

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