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Hey community !

I want to share the project I am crafting since months.

It all started with a simple framework that I created to be able to make applications with Python and Tkinter. Tkinter does not come with a Table widget. And it's hard to take advantage of the scrollbars to have a scrollable frame. So I created widgets like pyrustic.Table, or pyrustic.Scrollbox, etc.

Then I made useful libraries like Threadium to be able to perform GUI-toolkit-compatible multithreading. If you have ever tried to multithreading with Tkinter, you know how complicated it is to manage not to crash the application.

Then made desktop applications to test all of this.

Over the months, I have added and removed several components, applications, software libraries. Today I am no longer far from having a stable ecosystem.

I let you discover the project yourself:

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