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The PWA Link Network connect PWA
I fight for the PWA rights. 🐱‍👤.ga
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Let's scale together! Under that Slogan started the PWA Link Network in this week. The PWA Link Network project founded from 🐱‍👤 PWAninja, have a solution to share the Traffic from PWA to PWA.

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The visitors from Websites in the PWA Format mostly like it to use services in the PWA Format. That kind of people look around to found new PWA all the time. We can help them now with the PWA Slider Widget, from the PWA Link Network and fix two problems. Help PWA owners to find new clients and help People to found easy new PWA Solutions.

The PWA Slider Widget is flexible, with transparent background and comes in design from 50x50 to 500x500. The PWA Slider Widget shows only the Icons from participate PWA. Should the PWA Link Network grow, After 100 entries we want implement filtered PWA Slider Widgets on language on market basis. You can look the Embed PWA Slider Widget on the PWAninja project website.

It's not so easy to gain the Traffic for an New PWA project, the PWA Link Network want fix that problem now.

It's easy to contribute:

  1. Submit your PWA (URL and Logo)
  2. Embed the PWA Slider Widget on your PWA
  3. Waiting of new visitors

PWA Services from PWAninja

  1. PWA Directory (Submit your PWA for Free)
  2. PWA Wall (Tweet Wall with PWA News)
  3. PWA Chat (to connect PWA owners)
  4. Big PWA Link List
  5. PWA Material (Designs for Icons and more)
  6. PWA Link Network (NEW)

The PWA Link Network is a free service.

Everyone can use and Embed the PWA Slider. We look around for Blog partner, they Embed the PWA Slider Widget. All Blog partner get an entry on the project website.

More information on / 🐱‍👤.ga

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