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Discussion on: Help me improve the homepage

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Putri Karunia

I think it looks fine, just need some polishing on the images and icons

  • On the "Trusted by thousands of companies" part, maybe don't use white background logos when your section background is not white (don't show a rectangle for each logo), maybe copy how Stripe shows company logos? (same for "Recognized as an industry leader" section)
  • The images on "How Endtest works" could be nicer, I think the icons both on the side as well as inside the images can be polished (use smaller, softer color)
  • Since your base color is pink/purple, maybe the chat should have the same color.

Side note: I noticed that you're still using passwords, might be worth it to use a magic-link login so that your sign-up form only have 1 field, which should reduce friction for new users.

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