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Learn How to Integrate Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress

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If you have a WordPress website, you might want to consider setting up a two-step verification procedure to keep your data secure. With increasing cases of hacking and the exposure to malware, having an increase in security systems is becoming a pragmatic decision.

A two-step verification authentication reduces the chances of being hacked drastically. Most big websites, including Google, has this step available for those who want to make sure their security is well-rounded. There are many versions of this step available from having to input a captcha or type in an additional pin given to you at the time of login. This does not remove the step of having a password in the first place but rather bolsters the login procedure. Web developers recommend that you use this option in order to keep yourself secure.

Before you decide to add the two-step authentication procedure to your WordPress account, you should know the available options for the second step in order to make an informed decision. You can choose between email, SMS, App generated codes, or USB tokens. The first two require you to have internet or cellular connectivity. So if you travel a lot where you cannot have access to SMS or the internet, this option might not be effective for you.

Wordpress offers several different plugins which help integrate a two-step authentication security procedure into your login process. Here are some of the different ones you must consider.

Google Authenticator

The Google Authenticator plugin is developed by miniOrange and is one of the most user-friendly options on this list. It gives a range of different options for the second step of authentication. The UI of this plugin is beautiful and easy to maneuver around.
It offers multi-language support, support for multiple WordPress form plugins, TOTP + HOTP support, IP blocking, GDPR compatibility, custom security questions, brute force attack prevention, and a big list of extra premium features. The core plugin is free while you have to pay for the extra features.


This open-source and completely free plugin is one of the fastest rising methods used for two-step authentication on WordPress. The plugin itself is extremely simple and provides four authentication methods. These include codes sent to an email address, Time Based One-Time Password (TOTP), FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), and backup verification codes.
The plugin is easy to apply. After installing it, head to Users and click on Your Profile and scroll down to the Two-Factor Options section. Here, you can set up the two-step authentication based on a method that you find convenient.
This plugin supports 15 languages and has developers from all over the world working on refining its process.

WordPress 2-Step Verification

This plugin is by a PHP developer, as247, from Vietnam. It uses premium 2FA protection measures which will keep any attacker out of your admin page. This plugin is easy to set up and also has round the clock support on the WordPress support forums.

It offers multisite support, email codes, app-generated codes, SMS verification, and backup codes. There are many a web design company that relies on this efficient plugin.

Rublon Two-Factor Authentication

This amazing WordPress plugin is designed exclusively to effectively keep out any hackers. It is easy to install and use and you will not require the technical knowledge of a website development company. Install the plugin and connect it to the Rublon API using a system token and security key. You will receive a verification link via email in order to confirm your identity.

Rublon supports several two-factor authentication methods which include email, SMS, QR code, push notifications, and TOTP, among others. You can also whitelist trusted devices, which allows you to log in via these devices without having to use the two-step method.

The plugin has a friendly user interface that allows you to add the two-factor authentication easily. It supports five languages and is used by both security experts and beginners.


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