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Live Webinar On Advanced Pub/Sub Capabilities Of Diffusion

push_technology profile image push_technology ・1 min read

Want to learn more about the pub/sub capabilities of Diffusion? You can join Martin Cowie for the Live Webinar on the advanced Pub/sub Capabilities of Diffusion. Diffusion is an intelligent event data platform for smooth data distribution across various channels.

This particular webinar session will help you get the Code-first exploration into Diffusion’s advanced Pub/Sub capabilities. You will learn about this event data platform’s publisher capabilities like the Partial Update, Update Constraints, Session Locks, etc.
Also, this will give you a clear understanding about the Topic Capabilities that include Topic Properties, Fetch feature, etc.

Talking about Pub/Sub, it is important to understand first about the detailed pub/sub architecture. So let’s know more about it! This is a type of service to service asynchronous messaging framework that includes Publishers and Subscribers. The message is known as an event and as soon as this message or event is published to a topic, it is received instantly by all the subscribers to that particular topic.

You can register yourself now for this interesting live Webinar Session by Martin Cowie and learn more about Diffusion’s Pub/Sub capabilities at:

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