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Hello World” With Diffusion’s REST API

Push Technology’s Diffusion Intelligent Event Data Platform makes it easy to consume, enrich, and deliver event data
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Here's a tutorial that will walk you through a very brief “Hello World” project that will show you how to send and receive data from a Diffusion Cloud service using the REST API.
In this “Hello World” project, some data will be added to Diffusion Cloud where it will be stored as a topic. Then this data will be fetched.

The REST API uses simple HTTPS calls, so you can call it from any programming language. It’s completely stateless, which makes it good for devices and frameworks that can’t maintain a persistent connection. Unlike the Diffusion SDKs, the REST API does not stream real-time data – when retrieving data, it fetches a snapshot of the current state.


A Diffusion Cloud service, version 6.5.0 or greater
Curl command line tool to send HTTPS requests
JQ command line JSON processor (optional)

You can watch this tutorial on YouTube to learn more:

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