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I use the $CANONICAL_DATA_STORE for the company (current project it's the README.md) including a link to where good examples can be found. This should be a link to one of the tools repositories or documentation pages.

If the tool is going to touched a lot I'll create a 30min talk on the tool and give examples on how to use it, where I explain good ways to use it, and importantly if I haven't covered something, where others can look for other examples.

To re-enforce this I ensure that in the code I have a "gold standard" example and I make sure I state, this is your go-to example for this tool. Then during your code review making sure that you only allow very good usages (particularly at first).

This way you cover multiple learning styles.

Again this is only for the most important tools, for most stuff simply a gold standard and a double check in the code review.

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