re: Addendum: It's best practice to write POSIX-compliant shell scripts. Never assume that your users have your shell. #! /bin/sh That's all you sho...

Yeah, I would agree that setting zsh as default shell would be a bad idea, it's here just for example purposes.

On the other hand, I've already encountered an issue when I've set shebang to be /bin/sh and after googling for a while I've found that preferred shell for scripts should be bash as basically bash is sh, but with more features and better syntax.
So, I would say that:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

is maybe a better solution.



Unless your audience doesn't have bash...

Do you really need the additional features for your scripts?

Well, if you put it that way :D I guess you're right. Nevertheless, I don't think that I will write scripts for other users than me anytime soon.

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