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Discussion on: Linux distro you are using for development?

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Darkø Tasevski • Edited on

Manjaro Deepin:

  • Based on Manjaro which is based on Archlinux
  • It has beautiful UI
  • It has a great community
  • Fast, and relatively stable
  • Rolling release kernel updates
  • Have access to ArchLinux package repository as well as Manjaro's

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Manuel Torrez

Manjaro Deepin is beautiful but I use KDE because of my computer

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Adarsh Author

Has a slick look. Is it maintained by Manjaro Team or another team?

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Darkø Tasevski

I think that it has some support from Manjaro team, but as this is community edition most of the support comes from the team that assembled it.

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Konstantinos Zagoris

Linux Mint, the ubuntu we deserve