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Puneet Gopinath

If you want to add your recent activity on your profile readme.
You can't keep updating your recent activity on github daily.
Instead consider this github action if you want to show your recent activity in your profile readme!!

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Add your recent activity to your profile readme!

Recent Activity

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This GitHub Action is a Fork of the original GitHub Activity Readme Action by jamesgeorge007.
Its our goal is to improve the original GitHub Action while also providing new features for the users.

Live Preview

This is an example live preview that is updated every time a commit is pushed using github actions.


Support for many events

Events we support:

  • CommitCommentEvent - commenting on a commit
  • CreateEvent - A new repo was created
  • ForkEvent - You forked a repo
  • GollumEvent - Wiki was updated in a repo
  • IssueCommentEvent - You commented on a issue
  • IssuesEvent - You opened a issue
  • MemberEvent - You joined a org/repo as a member
  • PullRequestEvent - You opened a pr.
  • PullRequestReviewCommentEvent - You commented on a pr review
  • PullRequestReviewEvent - You reviewed a pr
  • ReleaseEvent - You released a new version
  • WatchEvent - You watched a repo.

Customizable Settings

Adjust the…

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