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re: will not need to be tweaked in the future even if our infrastructure changes This alone is an obvious flag your requirements can never be met. It...

I've had a lot of problems with this manager; they just go on for so long that, at a point, I wonder if I'm actually getting things wrong and it's not just him negating everything I do, so I appreciate the assessment.

Also, to clarify, the "will not need to be tweaked in the future" demand was not explicit, but implied. The request was "find a case where it doesn't work, and fix that", but with no indication of:

  1. whether if I find a single case, and fix it, it's done
  2. whether or not this is just an endless whack-a-mole problem

I am glad that I'm the only one who finds this vague request to be unreasonable :)

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