Concerns with Separation of Concerns

Josh Pullen on May 21, 2019

The Old Way: Splitting Code by Language Before components were cool, we often split our code up into separate HTML, CSS, and JS files. T... [Read Full]
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Also nowadays there are fewer front-end-devs without JS-knowledge than some years ago. The HTML/CSS-only role may still be alive here and there, but for the majority of positions JS is required. This makes jsx/css all in one component more viable I guess.


The article title is a bit misleading because you don't really explain why JSX is a better choice than other frameworks (Angular/Vue.js). E.g. Angular or Vue.js is also separating your code based on components, still, they've got HTML/CSS/JS separation either.


That's a good point. Any ideas for a better title?


How do you like this: Separation of concerns in web development?

That seems like it's on the right track. What about "Concerns with Separation of Concerns"?


The codepen demo is worth a 1000 words.

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